• "Tri Camp"


    My experience this past weekend at the Tri Training Camp was above and beyond what I had expected. The amount of information Richard shared with us was endless. And much needed. Swim form, transition from the swim to the bike and bike to the run, drills that gave him a chance to evaluate each one of us individually. Hands on how to change a flat (tire kit included) & we even made a trip to Fit 2 Run for a proper running shoe fitting. The group was kept to a minimum 4-6 athletes it was like a private training session with him, and all of us were able to share our own race experiences, nutrition plans, and future goals for ourselves with one another. I highly recommend this camp to athletes of all levels. As for myself I look forward to the next one. Thank you Richard for all your help you are truly a top notch Professional Athlete and Coach. I'm so proud to be part of your team. Ocala 70.3 your 1st on my list. ~C~

  • "Tri Camp"


    The RW Training camp provided with me training on things that we don’t practice everyday during the workouts.  These included swimming and breathing front wise every so often to maintain a straight line during swim, turning appropriately a buoy during the swim, taking shoes off still riding bike, putting on shoes while riding bike, tracking optimal bike cadence, importance of maintaining good concentration during run to keep correct running form, practicing bike/run transition.  I just finished a 70.3 some weeks ago and I am grateful that I was able to put into play things that I learned during the camp.  These tools helped me tremendously to complete what considered a very tough course.   
    It is always great to spend the weekend with Richard and listen to all his knowledge.  Having one on one interaction with the coach was very beneficial.  I highly recommend this camp to any athlete.  I have been in the sport now for 2 years and I keep learning new things every day.

  • "Journey"

    Fernanda Scalera

    "I met Richard Wygand many years ago, when he was not fit or a professional athlete, however he was a curious, kind and inquisitive individual. I was not always a runner, being a Mom of 4 left little time for exercising. One day we were in our kitchen and Richard had turned his life into a healthy life style after feeling tired, heavy and sluggish. I could not believe the transformation, not only the body transformation but his spirit was totally different. I became what I believe to be his 1st RW training customer in Saratosa FL. He guided me without feeling doubt through a full marathon training. Believed in me and my abilities. Not only guided me and inspired me to follow my heart and train hard to the fullest of my ability. At my 1st marathon I qualified for Boston that was at the Sarasota full in 2008. In 2012 I ran the Chicago Marathon in my fastest time yet 3:25:36. Coach Richard was there every step of the way. From my day to day runs, to nutrition and footwear. His experience, knowledge, background and caring carry his athletes through lots of many different stages. He has been there and done that. He leads by example and takes each of us, athletes as individuals to make the best training plan possible and help us reach our goals. Thank You for everything you do and are RW Training. — F.S.".

  • "Feel Good Challenge"

    Jimmy Mitchell

    "I went into the Raw Challenge with the intensions to find out if eating raw would improve my energy levels and enhance my workouts throughout the week. Also, I am always looking to increase my knowledge of nutrition and how my body reacts to different foods. The week started with RW explaining the concept of the raw food diet and taking participates through the grocery store showing the different types of raw food. He laid out an easy to follow guide regarding what to eat for breakfast, snacks and dinner each day and previewed the lunches that he would provide. During the week there was daily communication with RW regarding recipes and to see how I was reacting to the diet. My workouts improved progressively during the week and so did my mood. At week's end I lost 5 lbs. and felt strong and relaxed. I would recommend this challenge to anyone like me looking for additional knowledge on the subject and someone who wants to find ways to clean up their diet. I was introduced to new nutritional sources and now have a better understanding of the benefits of raw foods. The lunches were great and best of all very simple to make. — J.M.

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