About Us

RW Training is an Endurance Coaching company specialized in Triathlon and all the sports related, such as swimming, cycling and running.  

RW Training was born in 2008 with the philosophy of Rich Wygand, Ironman pro athlete since 2006. Rich always believed that in order to have a good performance, and feel good, you MUST train smart, and fuel your body properly.  Since 2008 RW Training have made more than 50 athletes from ground zero to Ironman level, more than 15 Boston Marathon Qualifiers, 70.3 World Championship Qualifier, and more than 150 athletes age group winners.

Our main focus is to promote a healthy lifestyle, having fun, performing at our best! If you are looking for motivation and the right guidance to be the best athlete and healthiest you can be, RW Training is your place!

Founder, Head Coach, Pro Triathlete
Rich Wygand          

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