Vespa Junior (Box with 12)

VESPA JUNIOR, is recommended for youth and athletes weighing under 160 pounds / 72 kilograms. VESPA JUNIOR is formulated as a "ready-to-go" 2.7 fluid ounce / 80 ml. drink taken 30-45 minutes prior to commencing physical activity and every 2 hours for activities of greater than 2-3 hours in duration. Many athletes prefer to use VESPA JUNIOR as a "boost" immediately at the start of competition and/or every 1-1.5 hours or at T1 & T2 for Triathlons and Aid Stations for ultra-endurance events due to its balanced blend of fat-burning wasp extract and fast-acting Orange Juice. For more information on using VESPA JUNIOR: Ingredients: Filtered Water Orange Juice Honey Royal Jelly (170mg) Bee propolis (90mg) Wasp extract (70mg)

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