Higher Purpose AMBASSADOR 

Have you imagine using your passion to do something bigger than yourself? Now you can!

THe purpose

Luke is the son of 2 triathletes. Luke was born with a rare muscle condition (totally unexpected), called Nemaline Myopathy.

Our foundation have 2 purpose, raise awareness for nemaline myopathy and help families with physical disability thrive. Not everything is covered by insurance and as you may know is not cheap. However with your help we can make a difference!

You can learn more about our purpose in the link below.

The benefits:

  • Free uniform for your season.
  • Access to our training/nutrition plans and our health club with recipes, tips, forum etc.
  • Meet new friends, and race together.
  • Free Coaching upon request. 
  • Be part of a team doing something bigger than yourself.
  • You can pick a family that you want to help. 
  • Discounts with brands and/or events.

Your duties:

  • Race 4 times during the year, with our uniform that we will provide, or stamp our logo in your uniform.
  • Post on social media at least once a month. You will have your own web page.
  • Raise a minimum of $1000 during the season. 
  • Participate/Share our events. 
  • Do your best!

Apply today for 2019 season.

We are opening only a few spots for our launching season.  

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