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Meditation Course

Come learn how to meditate, plus a Reiki Circle!

Saturday, 10/28/2017 @ 9 am

9180 Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33411
P: (561) 889 5792


C.o.r.e Method workshop

In order to EXCEED in life, rather your goal is to do a triathlon, or get that promotion at work, you need to be healthy. In order to achieve optional health a balance between Body, Mind and Soul must happen!


The C.O.R.E Method is the method created by Richard Wygand, a former professional athlete. Richard has been coaching athletes since 2006 and he noticed that in order to perform we need to integrate mind, body and soul. The C.O.R.E Method helps individuals to exceed in all aspects of life leading to a more mindful lifestyle. C.O.R.E stands for Change, Optimize, Reconnect and Exceed.

In this workshop you will get a copy of the C.O.R.E Method

Saturday, 10/28/2017 @ 2 30 pm

3340 Fairlane Farms Rd Suite 1, Wellington, FL 33414
P: (561) 889 5792

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