Mindset coaching

Change is the only constant in Life, so make the best out of everything.

Life will never be perfect, and how you face your challenges in life will determinate the outcome. Therefore having the right mindset to deal with the challenges that life brings to you is key.


The goal in this coaching is to achieve inner balance so you can face your life challenges with a smile in the face. 

Over the years of my experiences and studies I realized we all have a soul contract. This contract are the main challenges that we will have in life. 

I realized that the soul is constantly whispering to the mind, therefore learning how to listen and trust is a must.

"Success is not about money, success is about overcoming your challenges in life, because we all have challenges."Richard Wygand.

Pricing Plans


4 weeks premium coaching, with plan, eBook, and 2 meetings.

$ 200


4 weeks coaching with a plan, eBook and one meeting.

$ 100


eBook with the exercise and plan for you to follow at your own pace. 

$ 19

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