When I look at my son (Luke), I see a challenge. I see that he has a physical challenge and a social challenge (inclusion). That is his life challenge, and I always think: what can I do to help? One day I realized, kids and families, like mine, need help now with many things., such as; specific dietary approach for the kids, mobility, therapies, stress management, mental health (depression), caregivers own physical health, etc. This where the Go Luke Wygand Foundation comes in."

by Richard Wygand

What we do

"You can't pour from an empty cup." 

Awareness and Inclusion
Raise awareness for nemaline myopathy, Luke's rare muscle condition, and we advocate for inclusion. 

Inspiring, Motivating and Empowering Dads around the globe for a Happier, Healthier and more Mindful lifestyle.

Helping families
We help families with physical challenges. We help with everything related to the families health and wellness. 

We are often challenging ourselves with a few projects throughout the year. Those projects vary from sporting events, awareness and  advocacy. 

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Some numbers...


 Divorce rate among the special needs families due to stress and lack of sleep.


Over 50% of the families have some sort of depression due to stress and lack of sleep.


Over 60% of the special needs families end up having health issues and lack of sleep.

How can you help?


You can simply donate and share with your friends and family, or shop with us. The donations/profit goes to families, marketing and company expenses. In the end of the year the profit goes to Nemaline Myopathy (NM) research.


You can join one of our membership. You can also be our ambassador with many benefits. 20% of the membership sales goes to the cause, the rest goes to company expenses, and in the end of the year the profit goes to NM research or for families. 


You can join our team and challenge yourself physically to help the ones physically challenged.

Customer Testimonials

We were fortunate enough to work with the Luke Wygand Foundation for my son. He has a rare form of epilepsy and had been on a ketogenic diet for almost 2 years. We needed to access a dietitian who works as a consultant for the Charlie Foundation. Our sons dietary needs are very strict and we weren’t getting the help from the hospital dietitians. Because of Luke Wygand Foundation we were able to get connected with this new dietitian and work with her for a year. Not having the support we needed was very stressful and thanks to Richard and his family we are able to help our son. You are amazing people. Thank you for having such big hearts for others!

Ali Hayes, Mother

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