Our Higher purpose

Who we are

We are a non profit  family organization, focus in raising awareness for Nemaline Myopathy. In the end of the year we donate our profit either for families in need or for research.  The Foundation that works with Nemaline Myopathy research is the A Foundation Building Strength.

What we do

We are often creating and/or participating in  events for awareness with our Team Higher Purpose.  By raising awareness for this condition may help Luke and many other rare muscle conditions out there. 

Why we do it

Richard and Luke share a very special connection since the first second of his life when Luke was born in respiratory distress, Richard said "Dad is here" and Luke grab his finger and that was the only movement in the next 72 hours.

You know, "we all have challenges in life, some are visible some are not.  By challenging ourselves physically we can help the ones physically challenged".


Life will be always challenging you one way or another and how you react to those challenges is the key. We believe that dedication is the bridge that connect you with the greatest power on earth: LOVE. 

Special needs families health program

There is a lot that goes on behind a special needs family. Stress is one of the biggest, not only on the medical part but also on the physical part of being a care giver.  

"I gain 50 pounds just in stress and not sleeping well, which fatigue leads to craving bad foods. "

So I developed a program specially for special needs families, so they can be a better care givers for their special one. The program is totally free for special needs families. 

just for dads

More than just a support group...

Just for Dads is more than a support group for Dads. Just for Dads is focus empowering Dads so they can empower their kids. In other words "We are changing the World one Dad at a time."

Special needs Dads the program is also free.

How can you help?


You can simply donate and share with your friends and family. 


You can join one of our programs. You can also be our ambassador with many benefits. 


You can join our team and challenge yourself physically for a Higher Purpose.

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