We started as an Endurance Training Company, coaching athletes from all levels for different events such as swimming, cycling, running, triathlon and ultras. Over the years Richard Wygand achieved great results due to his unique method that incorporated mind and body. However, over the years Richard notice that something was missing and he started to implement the soul part into the program, and that is when he notices the greatest gain on performance. In order to Exceed, in all matters of life, Inner Balance is a must and to achieve that a balance between Mind, Body and Soul must happen.

In 2016 Richard Wygand created the C.O.R.E Method, which stands to: Change, Optimize, Reconnect and Exceed and incorporate Mind, Body and Soul. Richard always had a passion for change and to leave the world a better place for his son and all the other kids. For many years Richard raced with the quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” on his uniform. With that in mind The Go Luke Wygand Foundation was created, and all the life coaching programs, talks, course etc are nonprofit.

The Go Luke Wygand Foundation has two missions:

1- Provide you with tools (mind, body and soul) so you can be the change. A better world is achieved when we change ourselves by achieving Inner Balance.

 2- Create awareness for Nemaline Myopathy a rare muscle condition (Luke’s condition).