Rich Wygand

Life Coach . Reiki Master . Endurance Coach . Nutrition Coach . Entrepreneur . Documentarist . Founder

Rich is 37 years old, father, husband and RW Coaching founder. Over the years Rich has overcome many life challenges, such as quit smoking, lost 100 pounds, overcame major financial disaster,  yet Rich managed to overcome and become  18 times Ironman athlete, including winner of the Hits Triathlon Series Full distance triathlon in 2016, and created  a successful  Endurance Coaching business.

After many years coaching endurance athletes Rich realized that he was actually coaching athletes for life. Like Rich always says life is like an endurance race.

With a passion of working and helping others  Rich went into pursue new horizons besides endurance and  nutrition coaching such as Life Coaching, Reiki and Meditation. Rich it's not stopping there, and he keep spending his horizons and reaching new levels, because like he always says "the only constant in life is change".

Rich is a family man, and in his family he also learned a lot on how to manage stress and overcome challenges. Rich is Luke's father. Luke was born with rare genetic mutation causing muscle weakness called Nemaline Myopathy. Rich son's condition was totally unexpected, where Rich and his family had to adapt, spending over 130 days in the hospital. Rich is a great passionate and lovely special needs kid father, where he passes daily to his son that life is limitless.

Rich favorite quote is: "Life is not how hard you can hit. It's how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward".

Rich is a certified Life Coach, Reiki practitioner, USAT coach, Plant Based Diet Certified, Primal Diet Certified (work in progress), Documentarist and entrepreneur.