The C.O.R.E Method was created by the Founder Rich Wygand, his journey started in 2003 when Rich decided to change his life from a smoker and over weight to a professional triathlete. During his journey Rich discovered that in order to perform in LIFE you need to be in balance with your mind, body and soul, and with that the C.O.R.E method was born!

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The C.O.R.E Method


We begin with change. You must first realize that you want to change and know what you want to change and why. Are there “pockets of unhappiness” in your life? Is there something you wish could be different and that you could change? You need to avoid walking in a circle – a 360 degree change will just bring you back to where you were before. Let’s say you are unhappy with your job. You quit and get another one and for a while everything is new and feels like you are on a honeymoon. After a while you find that the new job is just as frustrating as the previous one. Worse is that you might wish you never left the previous job! You need to change the problem at its core.


In order to optimize you need to put the right fuel into a machine. Nutrition is your fuel and you should start there. Our bodies are constantly re-generating themselves and IT DOES MATTER what you put into it. What happens if you build your home with cheap and inadequate materials? The cold will come in, the heat will go out, the roof will leak, the basement will flood, etc. High quality food is the key to having your mind and soul working properly. This is not necessarily easy. You may find yourself craving the junk foods you were eating before. They are made to taste good and look good, not to fuel your engine. Like cheap gasoline, they contain all kinds of additives to make you think you are improving performance. Put cheap gasoline in your car and you will spend a lot of time and money with mechanics. If you stick with it, you will find your energy level increasing and your body functioning better.


Meditation is a great way to reconnect with your mind and soul. It is NOT the same as prayer, which is asking for something. Meditation is listening, not asking. Keep them separate. You can’t listen while you are talking. Prayer is reaching OUT, meditation is reaching IN. It’s the moment when you listen to the universe and reach into your soul.

Meditation will work on your mind. You can also reconnect by working on your body and exercising – preferably in nature. You can feel your body’s reaction to your actions – i.e. you can “listen” to your body. 


This is when you feel the harmony and the benefits of changing, optimizing, and reconnecting. I deal with it at the end of this manual. It is sufficient at this point to simply say that if you exceed all others you are a champion, but if you exceed your own limitations, you are INVINCIBLE!

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Todd Sander

I met Rich Wygand about 5 years ago while on a Ragnar Relay team from Miami to Key West. He came with a stable of fast runners and lean athletes ready for the challenge. After getting to know Rich and his athletes, I was are they doing it, while staying lean, healthy and eating right? After the relay, I began my RW journey. Our first step was determining goals, past events and expectations of a comprehensive lifestyle, not just one for a future race or goal.

We set out slowly to begin to transform my diet, thinking and attitude about the various foods and products that I was using as 'fuel.' Needless to say, I was WAY OFF. Rich instilled the 'less is more' and quality over quantity plus NO SUGAR ALLOWED! My body went through a withdrawal from the sugar, which made for a very trying few weeks....however, with his support and fellow teammates - it was the BEST decision I ever made. I lost unwanted weight, felt great, did not need to constantly eat to fulfill my needs. 
While changing my fueling and overall approach to food, we began the heart rate training where some days it was faster to WALK! However, Rich's confidence and support of 'sticking to the plan' was perfect and my overall fitness improved drastically, plus I earned a few podium spots in local races! 
Over the last year, we began with Ironman Lake Placid as our ultimate goal. My travel and work schedule has proven to be very difficult some weeks and airplanes are not ideal. However, Rich's calm demeanor and can-do attitude allowed me to relax and be sure that we were on the proper path. However, the universe threw us a curveball which ended me receiving major surgery the same exact weekend as Ironman Lake Placid. We went from Ironman full-time to meditation and walking as recovery and strength-building. Starting over again is never fun and I have yet to actually run, but Rich and his comprehensive approach to health is something that I am forever grateful. 
Rich, Carol and Luke are daily inspiration to a lot of people and I am humbled to be part of a great team!
Alicia Marie

I prefer to refer to Coach Richard as my “life coach” not just my triathlon coach. The main reason I feel this way is because of his belief in me both as a triathlete and non-triathlete. I have never met someone who encouraged and believed in me not only when training but in personal goals and endeavors.  He truly believes that training goals are reached when you are able to find balance and happiness in all aspects of life. He strives to help you realize your potential by providing you with healthy lifestyle changes and habits essential for balance and happiness. He is a good/selfless person, knowledgeable, flexible, easy to talk to and very responsive.  Anyone who works with Coach Richard is left a better person because of it! I know I have found more balance and inner-happiness because of the guidance I'm given under Coach Richard and I will be forever thankful.

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